Educational Videos

Polyarteritis Nodosa

Introductions 0:15
What is PAN? 2:21
Why did I get/have PAN? 4:09
How does PAN make me sick? 6:33
Artery changes in PAN. 7:37
Are there different types of PAN? 9:43
How is PAN diagnosed? 10:42
How is PAN treated? 13:22
Possible side effects of treatment. 14:59
What can be done to prevent or lessen the side effects of treatment? 16:22
Final thoughts and notes about PAN. 21:24
Don’s story with PAN. 22:56
Barb talks about being a partner in managing Don’s PAN. 26:34
Additional diagnosis of Behcet’s Disease. 30:19
Advances in development in the research of PAN. 33:29

In this webinar, you will learn the ten most important facts about Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN) from Kathleen M Maksimowicz-Mckinnon, DO. In addition, Dr. McKinnon talks with patient, Don Houghton, about his experience with PAN.