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Our Impact

Educating & Inspiring

People around the globe trust us for reliable, life-saving vasculitis resources and information.

Fundamental to our mission is educating and empowering the entire network of people impacted by vasculitis. Our trustworthy vasculitis information, which we provide for free for people around the globe, is backed by more than 150 medical and scientific advisors worldwide.

Building Community & Providing Support

When you’re living or loving someone with vasculitis, community matters.

Community reminds us we’re not alone, empowers us with new knowledge and resources, and deepens our sense of meaning. Our virtual support groups, online support community, and in-person conferences provide opportunities for people to connect with others in the vasculitis community who Get It!

Leading Discoveries & Changing Lives

Good care changes lives.

Integral to our mission is ensuring people get the high-quality care they need, when they need it. Honoring healthcare providers who recognize and quickly diagnosis vasculitis, training the next generation of vasculitis specialists and researchers, and supporting ground-breaking vasculitis research improve the quality of care for everyone in the vasculitis community.

Vasculitis Programs

The VF educates and empowers through over 7,000 hours of educational video content from leading vasculitis experts and our Learn. Engage. Empower. in-person vasculitis conferences.

Almost 400 meetings a year provide hundreds of hours of support while building community.

Ordinary people can become extraordinary in their journey through
life — and our community of people living with vasculitis display these superpowers every day.

The V-RED award program has grown into a powerful awareness campaign that recognizes medical providers worldwide for making a critical,
early diagnosis of vasculitis.

The VF works to reduce the time to diagnosis and improve treatment by training future physicians & researchers through our VCRC-VF Fellowships and collaborating with researchers around the world to fund the most promising studies.


The VPPRN is the international research network of patients, scientists, clinicians, advocates, and family members who work to improve the health care and quality of life for people with vasculitis through high-level clinical research.

Impact Reports

Vasculitis Foundation Impact Reports provide an overview of our programs, exciting successes, and new initiatives launched over the past two years. Even as we look back in this report, we look forward, always, as we plan the pathways for delivering future goals in all our efforts.