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Never-Ending Battle: A Personal Fight for Medical Care

Blog “Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality, like I’m stuck somewhere on the inside and I’m watching everything else happen outside of me.” When I asked Ruth, who’s living with an alphabet soup of autoimmune diseases, including hypocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis (HUVS), what it’s like living with a chronic illness, her voice […]

She Never Imagined Being a Sick Parent

Blog “Do you mind if I just change her nappy?” We were midway through our conversation when Gussie Blake noticed Grace, her 5-month-old daughter whom she had been cooing at throughout our Zoom call, fussing. “Of course not,” I said. Gussie carried on talking as she got up, moving Grace and the phone with her […]

HHS Takes Additional Actions to Help People Stay Covered During Medicaid and CHIP Renewals

PRESS RELEASE HHS Takes Additional Actions to Help People Stay Covered During Medicaid and CHIP Renewals HHS Extends Special Enrollment Period to Help People Transition to the Marketplaces, Issues New Resources for Partners, and Publishes Guidance Reinforcing Key Federal Requirements Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Centers for Medicare […]

“He died 4 days before his son was born.” Scott & Kelsey’s Vasculitis Story

Blog They never expected it. “Scott passed away four days before he could have met his son,” Kelsey, his wife, told me. “I am reminded every day. It hurts.” For several weeks, he had been sick: cough, body aches, fever, joint pain. Until one night he began coughing up blood and couldn’t catch his breath. […]

Finding a Way Through, Together

Blog Darrin White’s life has meandered. He was born in the Canadian province of Manitoba. His father was in the Canadian Armed Forces, so their family moved a lot—“roughly every 20 months of my childhood,” Darrin said. As an adult, he lived for “a stint” in Ottawa, another stint  in Halifax, followed by time in […]

Two Sides of a Kidney

Blog When you’re a nurse and have four kids under the age of seven, feeling tired can be par for the course. But Theresa Caldron’s fatigue wouldn’t go away and was accompanied by a host of other symptoms. Intrinsically, she knew something wasn’t right, and after two years of repeated trips to the doctor’s office, […]