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Top Vasculitis-Friendly Travel Tips for the Holidays

Getting ready to travel? Our community of vasculitis warriors shared their top travel tips to help you face your adventures with extra calm and control!

  1. Got a long flight or car ride? Wear compression socks. And don’t forget to get up and move every hour.
  2. Elevate your legs to help with leg pain in the car. Write the ABCs with your feet for better circulation.
  3. Wear a mask in all public venues.
  4. Get all your recommended vaccines in advance and tell your doctors about your travel plans.
  5. Going to a big airport? Hire or request assistance from the curbside to your airplane seat. Taking Amtrak? Locate a Red Cap agent to escort you from the ticket counter to the train.
  6. Bring more days of medications than required, in case of delays. If you’re flying, pack your meds in your carry-on luggage so there’s no risk of them being lost during travel.
  7. Research in advance to identify airlines and flight numbers for alternate flights which can get you to your destination if your primary carrier cancels.
  8. Bring names and addresses of the closest large medical facilities to wherever you’re staying. If a problem arises, you’ll know where to seek care.
  9. Going abroad? Purchase travel health insurance in case of an emergency situation overseas.
  10. Delegate the things you don’t need to actually think about. Tour guides and taxis help conserve brain power.
  11. Hydrate well and treat yourself to a massage!
  12. Plan at least one adjustment day to your destination to rest and acclimate, if possible.
  13. Have fun!