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Newly Diagnosed

Navigating Your Vasculitis Journey

If you have been recently diagnosed with vasculitis, you may not know where to begin. You’ve probably never heard of vasculitis, and are wondering what this means for your future. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, and even a little scared. You might also be relieved to finally know what’s causing all of your symptoms. The Vasculitis Foundation is here to provide support and information through our website, YouTube channel, and in-person and virtual events.

Learn About Vasculitis

While different types of vasculitis share common characteristics, they are unique.
It is important to learn as much as you can about your specific vasculitis diagnosis.

Build Your Treatment Plan

There is not one treatment plan for vasculitis that works for everyone. Successfully treating vasculitis requires collaboration between you and your healthcare providers.

Understand Glucocorticoids

The initial treatment for vasculitis frequently involves taking high doses of glucocorticoids such as prednisone. Glucocorticoids quickly reduce inflammation, protecting vital organs; but they also have a lot of side effects. Learn about possible side effects & how to manage them.

Protect Yourself

When you are being treated for vasculitis, you are usually considered immunocompromised. Learn how to protect yourself from illness and infections, how to time vaccinations, and more.

Find Support

You are not alone. There is an entire community of people who “get it.” They know what it is like to live with or love someone who lives with vasculitis.

Care for Mind & Body

Our Victory Over Vasculitis Ambassadors have been in your shoes. They know what resources they wish had been available when they were first diagnosed with vasculitis, and they have helped create these resources for you. Find videos promoting gentle movement, guidance for dealing with the depression and anxiety that often accompany a vasculitis diagnosis, tips for advocating for yourself with your healthcare team, and more.