12 Things I’m Grateful For Because of Vasculitis

‘Tis the season of thankfulness. Although life with vasculitis isn’t always easy, we wanted to know: how has this disease impacted you for the better? We reached out to our community and asked them: “Despite vasculitis, or because of it, what are you grateful for?” Here’s what some of you said:

  1. Without vasculitis, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It really puts your life into perspective and makes you thankful for all the things you still have.
  2. I’m grateful for good doctors and medications so we can combat these conditions and live our lives the best we can! I feel lucky to have been diagnosed at a time when there are more treatment options rather than only steroids and a grim prognosis.
  3. I’m grateful for each day I have with my family and my friends. If not for the people who love me, I would have tossed in the towel. My loved ones encourage me to keep moving, keep fighting, keep trying. They never let me lose hope.
  4. Vasculitis has introduced me to new friends. For me, connecting with other people who understand what I’m going through has made this journey lighter and more joyful.
  5. As a parent of a daughter who is fighting vasculitis, I am grateful that she has the strength to take it in stride and still laugh. She has grown over the last two years. She has found her voice and has become her own advocate for care. And through the Vasculitis Foundation, she has connected with other teens and young adults that are experiencing the same issues.
  6. I feel so lucky that the company I work for is incredibly understanding.
  7. I’m grateful for high-quality health care coverage. I wish for this basic right for everyone.
  8. Vasculitis has guided me toward my purpose. After getting diagnosed, I decided to go back to school and start a career in global public health.
    Vasculitis reminds me to find beauty even in the darkest moments. It has connected me with my own inner artist, teaching me to transform my pain into beauty.
  9. I’ve discovered my inner strength. I never knew that an illness so painful and debilitating could strengthen my soul. It has also made me more compassionate toward others who are suffering.
  10. I’m grateful for finding the Vasculitis Foundation (VF) and its vast resources.
  11. Through VF conferences, I’ve met other people living with the disease and world-renowned physicians and researchers who look after us and seek to help us truly live with vasculitis.
  12. I’m grateful for waking up today, for getting a second chance at life. Now, I take nothing for granted.