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Participate in Research

Research Program

The Vasculitis Foundation encourages patients with vasculitis to participate in research when possible. We promote clinical trials, research studies, and focus groups & surveys as a way of advancing vasculitis research and improving treatment. While we do our best to make sure the research opportunities we promote help further these goals, inclusion on our website does not imply endorsement of a particular clinical trial, research study, focus group or survey by the Vasculitis Foundation.

Participate in Research

Vasculitis Clinical Trials

Learn more about current and ongoing clinical trials related to vasculitis

Focus Groups & Surveys

Find out more about participating in focus groups and surveys related to vasculitis

Videos About Vasculitis Research

Helpful Resources

Learn about clinical research studies in the United States and around the world. Once you are on the page, enter “vasculitis” or your specific form of vasculitis in the search box to find studies.

NIH Clinical Research Trials & You

Learn How & Why to participate in clinical trials. Find answers to just about any question you may have about participating in clinical trials.