The Vasculitis Foundation is committed to educating patients, family members and the general public about vasculitis. Though some forms of vasculitis improve on their own, most require multiple treatments.

There are over 15 vasculitides (plural of vasculitis) affecting the small, medium and large vessels. They include:

Although the diseases share many of the same symptoms and treatment courses, each is different and patients must learn as much as possible about their individual disease.

The Vasculitis Foundation encourages every patient to learn about their “specific” disease and vasculitis in general.  Our resource library will guide you to more information about how to effectively manage your vasculitis and live well.

Note:  Vasculitis is often difficult to diagnose and some patients receive a diagnosis of unspecified vasculitis. Treatment varies with each form of vasculitis so it is very important to seek a specific diagnosis to receive the most effective treatment. The Vasculitis Foundation works with vasculitis experts and vasculitis centers around the world to ensure patients have access to the most up-to-date medical care.