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Living Well

Victory Over Vasculitis

A Support & Wellness Program

Our Victory Over Vasculitis health, wellness, and self-advocacy resources have been developed by people, like you, who live with vasculitis every day. They understand the physical and mental struggles that accompany a vasculitis diagnosis. They have known days where they could barely walk to the mailbox and days where they joyfully hiked with friends; they have felt betrayed by their body one moment, and grateful for how hard their body is fighting to heal the next. They urge you to celebrate your victories–both large and small–as you build a beautiful life while living with vasculitis.

Victory Over Vasculitis Program Components

Physical Wellness
& Movement

Sustaining Your Journey

Exercise is beneficial both physically and mentally.  From gentle stretches you can do while seated, to cardio and strength training options for all levels, these resources are designed to help you move your body at every stage of your vasculitis journey. 

Mental Health
& Mindfulness

Navigating Your Journey

Living with vasculitis requires mental strength and fortitude. The impact vasculitis has on the body is not limited to physical symptoms. These resources are designed to be personalized to meet your needs right where you are now. 

Self Advocacy

Advocating for Yourself

What does effective medical self-advocacy look like? It’s going to a medical appointment with questions at the ready. It’s educating yourself about the latest vasculitis research advances and clinical studies.

Creating a Better Way of Life by Sharing Our Stories

Our Victories Over Vasculitis

Share Your Victory

Victory Over Vasculitis Ambassadors

The VOV Ambassadors are patients with vasculitis who are enthusiastic about the health and wellness of the entire vasculitis community. VOV Ambassadors advocate for the VOV program as a means to improve overall wellness. They are the driving force behind the VOV program and the resources it provides to other patients.

Jenn Gordon

Diagnosed with EGPA in 2014

“I have met the most amazing and inspiring people since being diagnosed with vasculitis.”

Brandon Hudgins

Diagnosed with GPA in 2008

“You have the power to deal with the things that are in front of you.”

Stacey Ivits

Diagnosed with EGPA in 2002

“I believe in the transformative power of social connection for healing and well-being.”

Kathy Olevsky

Diagnosed with MPA in 2009

“I’ve really enjoyed my work as the VF webinar host. I know how much all that information has helped me and I hope we are meeting the needs of other VF patients.”

Art Diaz

Diagnosed with GPA in 2017

“Helping other patients with their journey by connecting with them as we share our own experiences. We often feel alone and disconnected; however, we have an amazing vasculitis community that strives to help one another.”

Molly McManus

Diagnosed with EGPA in 2020

“Supporting others who are navigating this complex diagnosis to have self-compassion, to use real self-care practices, and to continue to connect to others for support so that we all might learn to live well right where we are at today in our journey.”