Educational Videos

Central Nervous System Vasculitis

Part 1: An Overview of CNS Vasculitis

Key Considerations of CNS Vasculitis 2:07
Primary and Secondary Vasculitis 5:16
Diagnostic criteria for CNSV 5:57
Excluding the mimics of CNSV 7:10
Diagnositic Approach 11:14
Systemic disease screening 12:51
Lumbar Puncture Procedure 13:40
Brain biopsy 14:54
Metagenomics: Next Generation Sequencing 17:07
Greater imaging of the vessel wall. 18:09
Vasculitis vs. RCVS 20:40
Speculation on what causes CNS Vasculitis 21:47
Therapeutic Goals 23:32
Current management of CNS Vasculitis 24:42

In this video you will learn the most important facts about Central Nervous System Vasculitis (CNS Vasculitis) presented by Rula Hajj-Ali, MD, from the Center for Vasculitis Care and Research at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Dr. Hajj-Ali covers the primary symptoms, diagnosis, and current treatment of CNSV.

Part 2: Kris’ Story of CNSV

The first symptoms manifest for Kris. 1:30
Three seizures in ten days. 2:49
Brain biopsy reveals CNSV. 5:15
A long road back through therapy. 5:46
Working to regain her cognitive skills. 7:53
Kris’ story reinforces why early diagnosis is so critical. 10:00
Depression and anxiety is common in patients with CNSV. 11:35
Kris’ advice to patients diagnosed with CNSV 12:28
It’s important for doctors to ask their patients how they are doing mentally and emotionally. 14:48
The importance of scheduling and conditioning to regain cognitive skills. 17:18

Kris Kelbrants shares her riveting story about being diagnosed with CNS Vasculitis at the age of 26. Once she was diagnosed, Kris recounts the long, and challenging effort to regain her physical and emotional health through therapy.

Part 3: Q&A About CNSV

Plan to have multiple CNSV data/study centers. 0:34
What are the differences in treatment for pediatric vs. adult CNSV patients? 3:40
Are there current research studies recruiting patients with CNSV? 4:45
What are the challenges or limitations for patients with CNSV to go back to work, or perform in certain careers? 5:17
Are there studies into the importance of plant-based diet for patients managing their CNSV? 6:48

Webinar host, Kathy Olevsky and Dr. Rula Hajj-Ali engage in a Q&A about CNSV covering topics including exciting news about greater research and advancements into CNSV.