Educational Videos


Introductions. 0:06
Aortitis–Key Features. 4:59
Aortitis is often associated with a systemic disease. 6:28
Aortitis: Histopathology. 9:35
Aortitis and Periaortitis: Classification. 12:44
Chronic Peri-Aortitis 15:47
Aortitis and Peri-Aortitis: Main Complications 16:57
Symptoms can be non-specific, or dramatic. 17:47
Complications of Peri-Aortitis. 20:35
Aortic Involvement in Large Vessel Vasculitis. 21:43
A Case Study of Aortitis. 22:41
Teresa’s story of being diagnosed with aortitis. 25:17
Dr. Valigo’s response to Teresa’s story. 29:23
Q: Does the aorta usually go back to its normal size after the inflammation has been treated? 35:06
Q: What are the most common forms of vasculitis associated with Aortitis? 38:40
Q: Which is more common–infectious or non-infectious aortitis? 39:48
Q: Was Aortitis classified more recently as a form of vasculitis? 40:56
Q: Do we know what causes Aortitis? 42:36
Q: How important is it to first treat the infection with infectious Aortitis? 44:16
Q: Can you talk about any patients you’ve treated for Aortitis? What were the challenges? What were the outcomes? 49:00
Q: How often do you want your patients with Aortitis get a PET scan? 50:53

In this webinar, Dr. Augusto Vaglio, Associate Professor of Nephrology at the University of Florence, Italy, gives an overview of aortitis. He explains why it’s so difficult to accurately diagnosis the disease, and how it typically manifests in patients. Joining the webinar is Teresa, a patient recently diagnosed with aortitis. She talks about the suspected cause of her aortitis, and the challenges in trying to getting a diagnosis/treatment.