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“We Need Each Other” – The Nourishing Power of Friendship in the Vasculitis Community

Blog Suzanne McLaughlin sat, mostly quiet, as others in that week’s Vasculitis Foundation support group took turns sharing their updates and stories. She kept her unassuming presence until the group neared its close and Dana, the facilitator, said, “Suzanne, I love how you listen intently during groups and take notes. And then you drop your […]

Fasenra met the primary endpoint in the MANDARA Phase III trial in eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA)

Blog First head-to-head trial of biologics in EGPA, comparing a single monthly injection of Fasenra to three injections per month of mepolizumab Positive high-level results from the MANDARA Phase III trial showed AstraZeneca’s Fasenra (benralizumab) met the primary endpoint of the trial and demonstrated non-inferior rates of remission compared to mepolizumab in patients with eosinophilic […]

The Right Doctor Changes Everything

Blog For five years, doctors told Stephanie there was nothing wrong with her. Her bloodwork was inconclusive. In her hospital records, doctors dismissed her as “psychosomatic.” But her pain and fatigue kept getting worse. At one point, she was bed-bound for seven months until one doctor, assuming her symptoms were auto-immune related, finally started her […]

Poems from Our Community

Blog “My feeling is that poetry is also a healing process, and when a person tries to write poetry with depth or beauty, they will find themselves guided along paths which will heal them, and this is more important, actually, than any of the poetry they write.” -Robert Bly Recently, twenty-five of our community members […]

“Will I Ever Feel Normal Again?” How Jenna Lea Faced High School and Vasculitis

Blog “It’s not often in life, especially so early in your life, that you have odd experiences,” Jenna Lea, a rising senior at North Carolina State University, said. “I would call this”–getting diagnosed and living with vasculitis–“an odd experience.” Now, she wants to make the most of it, for herself and the vasculitis community. “I […]

Championing Vasculitis Victories: Art Diaz’s Choice to Advocate

Blog Art Diaz was living a full life in Southern California and rarely got sick. He was fit; a runner. Every few years, he’d force himself to see his primary care doctor, but the doctor would give him a clean bill of health and he’d go on his way for another few years. Art thought […]