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GPA Patient’s Advice for Others Facing a Similar Diagnosis: Remain Positive—You Can Beat This

Blog In late summer of 1992, Dan Prozialeck began experiencing chronic congestion, coughing and sinus infections, throat pain, and excruciating joint pain. He had been going to a local urgent care facility for months for the sinus infections and each time he saw the doctor, he was put on a stronger antibiotic and increasing amounts […]

Steroids and Snow Peas: A Tale of Victory Over Vasculitis

Blog “How in God’s Green Earth can YOU be so chipper?” queried a fellow shopper after I assaulted her cerebellum with my litany of GPA/Autoimmune/ Primary Immune Deficiency/Diabetic/Tracheal Stenotic/Neurotic High Dose Steroid Syndrome/Tracheostomy Reliant/Rituxan Receiving/Anemic diagnosis. I’m the President of the “But You Don’t LOOK Sick!” Club, and am in training for World’s Hot Mess […]

Introducing Our 2023-2024 VCRC-VF Fellow: Roger Yang, MD

Blog Roger Yang, MD, began his Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium (VCRC)-Vasculitis Foundation (VF) Fellowship in September 2022. Dr. Yang’s training through the Penn Vasculitis Center at the University of Pennsylvania will focus on both clinical care of patients with all forms of vasculitis and research on the diseases. As vasculitis may affect blood vessels of […]

Brett Hack Vasculitis Charities: Raising Awareness of This Rare Disease

Blog In 2012 Terry Hack’s son, Brett, had a grand mal seizure that came out of the blue. Several tests were done but there was no diagnosis. He was placed on anti-seizure medication for over a year, and 14 months after his first seizure he developed a severe headache, sinus infection and numbness in his […]

Florida Kidney Physicians Glomerulonephritis Center of Excellence Now Accepting Patients

Blog Vasculitis patients are complex. Different forms of the disease may share similar symptoms and treatment courses; however, each disease is distinct. This requires dedicated specialists who will go the extra mile, working cohesively for their patients. The specialists at the Florida Kidney Physicians Glomerulonephritis Center of Excellence in Boca Raton provide comprehensive care for […]

University of Michigan’s Vasculitis Program: Hoping to Impact Individual Patients and the Approach to the Diseases

Blog The University of Michigan (U-M) Vasculitis Program began in September 2021 with a soft launch. “We started simply by instituting a dedicated vasculitis clinic and have been moving forward step by step,” said Ora Singer, MD, MS, Director of U-M’s Vasculitis Program. Both Dr. Singer and her colleague Julia Ford, MD, the Associate Program […]