You Cannot Separate Your Brain From Your Body

What affects your body also impacts your brain and vice versa. Physical wellness and mental wellness go hand-in-hand. Did you know that research shows that mental health practices such as mindfulness can lower inflammation? This is just one of the many discoveries researchers are making as they look at how our brains and bodies work together to promote health and wellness. 

Mental Health & Mindfulness Resources
  • Self-directed and self-paced Navigating Your Vasculitis Journey Guidebook.
  • Helpful videos for each chapter in the guidebook.
  • Tips and encouragement from others living with vasculitis.

These resources were developed by VOV ambassadors, who, like you, navigate their lives while living with vasculitis.

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You can download and print just the forms you need to complete the activities in the guidebook by selecting FORMS below.

Navigating Your Journey Guidebook

“As a patient with vasculitis I know that there can be an overwhelming number of things to do, information to learn, and appointments to keep to manage health and wellness effectively. As I’ve been living with vasculitis for the past 20 years, I have often wished for a guidebook to help me make my way through all of it. So here I bring together many strategies to help you get organized and plan the next steps in your health journey. This guidebook may not make everything better and it won’t change your diagnosis. However, my hope is that it helps you to find your own way to embrace life, with vasculitis along for the ride.” – Stacey Ivits

Working Through the Guidebook

Stacey Ivits, MSW, RSW, the author of Navigating Your Vasculitis Journey, will be offering several free, six-week virtual, live learning opportunities to explore the lessons in her guidebook together.

Winter 2023: January 24-February 28 (Course Full)

Additional Courses: To Be Announced

Setting Boundaries

Knowing how to set boundaries is an important skill for everyone, but it is especially important when you are living with a weakened immune system.

Check out A Guide to Setting Boundaries if You’re a People Pleaser from our friends at the Global Healthy Living Foundation.

“We are stronger

in the places

we have been broken.”

— Ernest Hemingway

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