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Victory Over Vasculitis Wellness Program

Victory Over Vasculitis History

Victory Over Vasculitis (VOV) was an international initiative started in 2016 to encourage patients to become more active and live positive lives despite having vasculitis.

The campaign was led by Brandon Hudgins, who was diagnosed with GPA/Wegener’s in 2008.  Despite repeated disease flares, Brandon became one of only 449 Americans to race a mile in under four minutes and earned a spot in the 2016 Olympic Trials.  Over the past 6 the VOV program has been a wonderful  success, bringing together our vasculitis community around the world to support, inspire and challenge each other to be the best they can be.

New VOV Patient Support and Wellness Program 

The Vasculitis Foundation believes that “Victory Over Vasculitis” is not just physical, it is about celebrating the well-being and growth of the whole person in mind-body-spirit and for this reason, we have created a new holistic program to support our patient community. 

Importance of Staying Active

Staying Inspired During COVID

VOV Wellness Program Goals

The goal of the VOV Wellness Program is to provide physical, spiritual, and emotional tools for the patient journey to the broadest possible audience.

Wellness Program Components

The VOV program is composed of essential learning components. They include:

Physical Wellness and Movement 

Mental Health and Mindfulness 

Becoming an Advocate

Victory Over Vasculitis Ambassadors

The VOV Ambassadors are patients with vasculitis who are enthusiastic about the health and wellness of the entire vasculitis community. VOV Ambassadors advocate for the VOV program as a means to improve overall wellness. They are the driving force behind the VOV program and the resources it provides to other patients. 

Name: Art Diaz
Diagnosis: GPA
Year Diagnosed: 2017
Personal VOV Statement: “Helping other patients with their journey by connecting with them as we share our own experiences.  We often feel alone and disconnected, however we have a amazing Vasculitis community that strives to help one another.”

Name: Kathy Olevsky
Diagnosis: MPA
Year Diagnosed: 2009
Personal VOV Statement:

Name: John Stadler
Diagnosis: MPA
Year Diagnosed: 2017
Personal VOV Statement: “I enjoy seeing patients connecting with others and learning they are not alone.”

Name: Jenn Gordon
Diagnosis: EGPA
Year Diagnosed: 2014
Personal VOV Statement: I have met the most amazing and inspiring people since being diagnosed with vasculitis.”

Name: Roy Chao
Diagnosis: PAN
Year Diagnosed: 2014

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