Vasculitis Strength Study (VascStrong)

Vasculitis Strength Study (VascStrong)

Patients with vasculitis endure and survive very difficult physical, emotional, and social consequences. This study intends to investigate how patients’ physical transformations have changed since the onset of vasculitis.

Due to age or our chronic health conditions, some people experience a physiological decline, a decrease in the ability to “bounce back” from stressors. This change can lead to increased vulnerability to adverse health outcomes. In the medical literature, this process is called frailty. This study aims to describe the prevalence of common health conditions associated with frailty in patients living with vasculitis and describe its impact on health-related quality of life and clinical outcomes.

This study will lead to a better understanding of:

    • the impact of preserving strength.
    • avoiding the consequences of frailty on patients living with vasculitis.
    • identify potential risk factors associated to its development.
    • generate knowledge to the development of measures to prevent it.

The Principal Investigator for this study is Sebastian Sattui Cortes MD. Dr. Sattui was a 2019 VCRC-VF Fellow.

Hear from Dr. Sebastian Sattui provide information about the study.

Recruitment for this Study is Closed

About the VPPRN VascStrong Study

  • To describe the prevalence of frailty in patients living with vasculitis.
  • To determine the factors associated with frailty in patients living with vasculitis.
  • To describe the association between health-related quality of life and frailty status in patients living with vasculitis.

All adult VPPRN members will be eligible for the study. All vasculitis diagnosis, including diagnosis of relapsing polychondritis, will be eligible for this study.

Despite the growing evidence, there is little information regarding the prevalence and impact in patients with systemic vasculitis. Patients with systemic vasculitis represent a population where the process of frailty might be accelerated (age group, chronic inflammation, high burden of comorbidities) and have significant clinical implications. Moreover, since steroids continue to be the mainstay of medical management for some of these conditions, frailty could not only be exacerbated by the disease itself but also by the therapeutic interventions.

  • Whether or not you take part is up to you.
  • You can choose not to take part.
  • You can agree to take part and later change your mind.
  • Your decision will not be held against you.
  • You can ask all the questions you want before you decide.

There may be no direct benefits to you from your taking part in this research. However, participation in this study will lead to a better understanding of the impact of frailty in patients living with vasculitis, identify potential risk factors associated to its development and generate knowledge to the development of measures to prevent it.

Our research team is here to make participation in this study easy for you. 

The study coordinator is available for you to contact if you have any questions or concerns.  Contact Christine Yeung from the Study Team at [email protected] with questions about the VascStrong study.

John Stadler, Lead Patient-Partner

“My choice to lead the VascStrong study was quite easy since I have limitations from the disease that affect my daily activities and ability to live an active life. I hope this study will uncover information on frailty that leads to the minimization of frailty and treatments that reduce the impact of frailty on vasculitis patients.”

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