When I was diagnosed with EGPA in 2014, I tried to absorb everything I could about EGPA and
vasculitis. Even though I have a background in science, I had never heard of vasculitis, so I had
A LOT to learn. As I combed through information online, the value of the Vasculitis Foundation
was immediately clear to me. The VF plays a central role in providing a trusted source of
knowledge, partnering with a network of clinician experts, and supporting patients and their
caregivers. I knew I wanted to be a part of this community and do everything I can to support
the VF. The VPPRN, in particular, takes the power of the VF to the next level by providing a
unique platform for conducting research studies across all forms of vasculitis. Participating in
the VPPRN gives me an incredible opportunity to put my skills as a biomedical researcher to
work. Providing the patient perspective will help guide research in vasculitis toward areas that
are a priority for patients and their families.