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Reproductive Health

Fertility, Family Planning, and Pregnancy

Vasculitis can impact the reproductive health of both men and women. Researchers are continuing to gather information on fertility, family planning, and pregnancy with vasculitis. The Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network (VPPRN) is at the forefront of research into vasculitis and family planning. The VPPRN has produced a number of helpful resources on family planning and vasculitis thanks to the willingness of people living with vasculitis to participate in research.


Browse our Pregnancy, Family Planning & Vasculitis video collection with videos covering topics such as:

  • Preparing for Pregnancy with Vasculitis
  • Minimizing Pregnancy Complications
  • Birth Control and Vasculitis
  • Fertility and Vasculitis

Reproductive Health Resources


Download our guide on Family Planning & Birth Control Information for Vasculitis Patients


Help us learn more about vasculitis and pregnancy by participating in VPREG, a Vasculitis Patient-Powered Research Network (VPPRN) pregnancy research registry.

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