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Data From Multicenter Longitudinal Observational Study Prof. Rula Hajj-Ali

At the 2022 International Vasculitis and ANCA Workshop, Dr. Rula Hajj-Ali presented on the prevalence and outcomes of neurological involvement in ANCA-Associated vasculitis (AAV). The data from Dr. Hajj-Ali’s multicenter longitudinal observational study showed the prevalence and impact of neurologic involvement (NI) in AAV. This data shed light on the neurologic manifestations of vasculitis for clinicians and patients with AAV.

Key findings from the study:

  • NI occurs in approximately one-third of patients (most common in EGPA)
  • Peripheral Nervous System > Central Nervous System involvement in all patients with AAV
  • CNS involvement more common in GPA
  • Relationship of NI with other manifestations of disease warrants additional study

We look forward to seeing the continued work of Dr. Hajj-Ali in neurological involvement in AAV.