Educational Videos

Behcet’s Disease

Welcome and introductions. 0:40
What is Behcet’s Disease? 3:38
How rare is Behcet’s Disease? 4:17
Why is it called the Silk Road Disease? 5:01
What is the cause of Behcet’s Disease? 7:21
Mouth ulcers and how Behcet’s Disease frequently first manifests in patients. 9:01
Delayed diagnosis of Behcet’s Disease is a major challenge. 10:25
How is Behcet’s diagnosed? 12:51
Management of Behcet’s Disease. 13:59
Alan story of Behcet’s Disease. 17:02
Dr. Suclich’s response to Alan’s story. 25:39
Beth’s story of Behcet’s. 28:39
Q: Is there a difference in how men and women are affected by the disease? 37:12
Q: Is testicular pain typically a part of Behcet’s for men? 38:59
Q: Do many Behcet’s patients experience pain and neuropathy? 41:24
Q: Can Behcet’s cause dental issues in addition to mouth ulcers? 43:38
Q: How has COVID been a factor in treating your Behcet’s patients? 45:40
Q: What significant research is being done on Behcet’s Disease? 50:20
Q: How does one deal with genital and skin ulcers that occur especially if you’re dating or in a intimate relationship? 53:30

Learn why Behcet’s is a complex form of vasculitis that can be particularly challenging to diagnose and manage.