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Upcoming Events

Vasculitis Foundation Regional Conference

Our one-day, in-person vasculitis conferences feature engaging and informative presentations from medical experts and researchers; educational breakout sessions on pediatric vasculitis, living well with vasculitis, and more; as well as chances to connect with other people who, like you, get what it is like to live with vasculitis or love someone with vasculitis. Whether you are newly diagnosed with vasculitis or have been navigating a vasculitis diagnosis for years, you will find opportunities to learn, engage, and be empowered.

Join a Virtual Support Group Meeting

When you’re living with or loving someone with vasculitis, community matters. Community reminds us we’re not alone, empowers us with new knowledge and resources, and deepens our sense of meaning. This is why we host weekly and monthly virtual support group meetings for people living with vasculitis and their families and friends.

Educational Webinars

Webinars feature vasculitis medical experts sharing their knowledge; while our Living Well With Vasculitis webinars explore supportive complementary therapies and social and emotional health topics that are important to people living with vasculitis and their families. These webinars provide education and resources that can help you or your loved one more effectively manage vasculitis.