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Anisha Dua, MD, MPH

Director of the Northwestern Vasculitis Center

Dr. Dua is the Director of the Northwestern Vasculitis Center, an Associate Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology, as well as the Director of the Fellowship Program at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

She has also been extensively involved with the VF for years, participating in patient symposia, reviewing grants and leading the patient panel for the vasculitis guidelines in collaboration with the ACR. “I am passionate about caring for patients with vasculitis and educating my patients and my peers in order to try and achieve earlier diagnoses and targeted and comprehensive management,” she explains. And it is that passion, combined with the opportunities presented to her through the VF, that have allowed her to fully engage with experts in vasculitis research and patient care, VF members and a wide variety of patients.

As a VF board member, Dr. Dua would like to focus her efforts on the Research and Fellowship Committee. “I believe directing funding and support for viable and innovative projects will be critical in moving the field of vasculitis forward,” she says. “Encouraging research and educating our patients and providers, as well as collaborating with other subspecialists to pool our expertise, are central to consistently improving the landscape for vasculitis care and management.”

Dr. Dua hopes to contribute to the leadership, education and patient care missions of the VF and help develop new ways of presenting and disseminating information to improve the delivery of care and access to resources for patients.