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    Take a photo of yourself wearing a VF tee shirt, or holding a VF Awareness Poster (Download the poster.) Submit your picture to vf@vasculitisfoundation.org  and we will feature your picture on the VF website. You can also replace your Facebook Profile Picture for the month of May to show your support for Vasculitis Awareness Month.

    • VF Announces Competition to Recognize…

      Often, one of the greatest challenges a patient with vasculitis faces is receiving a definitive diagnosis.  Patients often spend months, or even years seeking a diagnosis or worse, living with a misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment.   The Vasculitis Foundation also recognizes that there are many health care professionals who have MADE the diagnosis of vasculitis more »

    • 2014 Vasculitis Foundation Fellowship…

      The Vasculitis Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Rennie Rhee, University of Pennsylvania, as the 2014 Vasculitis Foundation Fellowship Recipient. The Vasculitis Fellowship Program is made possible by the generous support of our donors. Thank you for your support. Introducing Dr. Rennie Rhee Dr. Rhee’s strong personal qualities, enthusiasm to understand vasculitis, more »

    • Rally Events Are Being Held Around…

      The Rally in the Alley events are volunteer-led bowling events held around the country at a community bowling alley. The goal of the events are to raise Friends and Funds for the Vasculitis Foundation, while also raising awareness of vasculitis in your local community. Funds raised during the Rally in the Alley events will be more »

    • VF Seeking Patient Network Manager…

      The Vasculitis Foundation is seeking a Patient Network Manager for the recently formed Vasculitis Patient Powered Research Network. The Patient Network Manager will be responsible for recruiting, enrolling, and engaging with patients and patient advocates as we launch the Vasculitis-Patient Powered Research Network (V-PPRN).  The V-PPRN is a new, federally-funded initiative that is part of more »


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