Physical Wellness & Movement Resources
  • Stretching and Strength training videos designed for all levels. 
  • Downloadable PDF exercise guides.
  • Tips for appropriately scaling cardiovascular exercise.
  • Inspiration from others who have experienced the benefits of movement as they have navigated their vasculitis journey. 

These resources were developed by VOV ambassadors, who, like you, navigate their lives while living with vasculitis.

Our Bodies Are Designed For Movement

When we choose movement that is both appropriate to our fitness level

and respects where we are in our vasculitis journey, our bodies thank us. 

But what if . . .

I cannot safely stand while exercising?

Our level 1 strength and flexibility exercises can be done while seated.

I don’t have any exercise equipment?

Using your own bodyweight is enough to help you gain muscle mass and strength.

I can’t afford to join a gym?

These exercises are designed to be done anywhere. No gym required.

I don’t have time?

Recent research shows that adding just 10 minutes of exercise a day can have significant health benefits.

As you prepare to begin a workout program it is crucial to adhere to the following workout tips:

Make sure you are cleared to exercise:

Before beginning any exercise program, it is important that your physicians have cleared you to exercise. Talk to them and let their guidance drive your personal fitness goals. They can help you determine your baseline and lay out guidelines for you to follow on your fitness journey.

Determine your goal:

It is important to know what you want to accomplish with the VOV Exercise Program. Is your goal related to overall health, weight loss, increasing mobility, endurance, or muscular strength? The best goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART).

Flexibility: Level 1

Art and Brandon lead you through a short series of simple, gentle stretches you can do while seated.

Strength: Beginner Seated Level 3

Art and Brandon demonstrate a total body 15-minute strength routine that helps maintain and build muscle. All exercises can be done while seated. No special equipment is needed.

Strength: Intermediate Level 4

Brandon demonstrates an equipment free, total-body, strength routine. These exercises are designed for people who have previous exercise experience and whose vasculitis is in remission or “quiet.”

Strength: Intermediate Level 5

Once you feel comfortable with Level 4 Intermediate Strength Training you are ready to give Level 5 a try. All exercises can be done without any additional equipment. Go at your own pace and rest when needed.

Dance for Joy with Lisa Pritzl of Empowerment Dance

Reducing Pain and Anxiety with SomaYoga

Benefits of Physical Activity 

Improved Thinking

Reduced Anxiety

Better Sleep

Lower Blood Pressure

Improved Cholesterol Levels

Reduced Risk of Falls

More Effective Immune Response

What are some examples of light physical activity? 

Walking Slowly





Washing Dishes 

Welcome to the Victory Over Vasculitis (VOV) Physical Wellness Program! Our aim is to provide a comprehensive path toward living a healthier lifestyle, help you take back your health, and not let vasculitis rob you of your independence and freedom! It is important to recognize that you have a new normal as someone living with vasculitis. The disease and medications have taken a major toll on your body. Deciding to take this journey is step one in a lifelong process to better manage your vasculitis.

What if there was a pill that could increase your mood, reduce inflammation, decrease all causes of mortality, and improve your quality of life? You would all take it, right? There are things you can do without taking a pill that can help you manage your symptoms of vasculitis. As a vasculitis patient, there is a lot that is out of your control, but physical activity can help you control a few things and improve your quality of life.

Why be active?

  • Reduce Inflammation: As little as a single bout of 20 minutes of light physical activity can reduce inflammation markers by 5%.
  • Manage Stress: Living with a rare disease can cause anxiety and depression. While medications can be helpful, multiple studies have shown physical activity to be equally as effective at reducing markers of anxiety, stress, and panic disorders.
  • Maintain Strength & Bone Density: Sedentary lifestyles and corticosteroids reduce bone density, decrease strength and muscle mass. Physical activity, particularly weight bearing, increase muscle mass and bone density. The greater the load, the higher the benefit.
  • Increase Sleep Quality: When you exercise you stimulate your body’s recuperative process during sleep. This helps your body get into the deeper, more restful, and regenerative stages of sleep.





These resources are for you. Tell us what other information you’d find helpful. 

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