VF Team Brandon Continues to Help Patients Achieve Their Personal Best! 

At the Vasculitis Foundation, we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Brandon Hudgins, professional long-distance runner, GPA/Wegener’s patient and leader of VF Team Brandon.

We first established VF Team Brandon in March 2016 to support Brandon as he trained and competed for a spot on the the U.S. Summer Olympics Team.

Although he didn’t make the Olympic Team, Brandon’s amazing spirit and positive outlook on life inspired 300+ team members to participate in weekly exercise challenges to become more active and healthy.  Members also participated in awareness challenges issued by Brandon.

This year, VF Team Brandon is helping even more vasculitis patients and their family members achieve their own “Personal Bests”.

Brandon’s personal experience as a GPA/Wegener’s patient, combined with his educational background (BA in Physical Education Fitness and Wellness and an MS in Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning from Winthrop University), gives him a unique perspective onand understanding of—the need for support and motivation among patients living with chronic illnesses.

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In Brandon’s Words:
Watch videos that provide his unique perspective on how he lives with vasculitis.

“Meeting other rare disease patients inspires me.”
In an interview after being honored with the National Organization for Rare Disorders’ (NORD) Rare Impact Award this past spring, Brandon told Rare Disease Report that meeting other rare disease patients has inspired him more than he thinks his story has inspired others.
“Don’t call it a comeback.”
In this podcast interview, Brandon tells Runner’s World magazine how, despite having a rare, autoimmune disease, he refuses to quit chasing his dream.


Watch this video to learn more about Team Brandon.


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Since we are spread out all over the world it is impossible to get us all together so here’s what we will do!  All contributors will participate from wherever you live.  You choose the location, the time, and the distance, and if you want to walk, jog or run.

Become a part of Brandon’s mission to help patients with vasculitis lead healthier lives, and to spread the word about vasculitis and the Vasculitis Foundation.

We’re on Brandon’s Team!