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Who am I?

I’m VF Bob! I love to travel, eat ice cream, play golf, and spread the word about vasculitis.

< Click on my picture at left to download a poster of me!

Do you know what vasculitis is? It’s a rare autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels.

My friend Elaine has vasculitis and, together, we belong to a really cool club called the Vasculitis Foundation. We love this Foundation because it brings all kinds of friendly people together and teaches them about vasculitis.

Plus, the Foundation supports some really smart doctors who are working hard to find cures for these diseases.

How can I LIVE BIG with VF Bob?

I want you to take me on your journey, as we show the world how the vasculitis community is LIVING BIG! Whether it’s climbing a mountain, dancing at your child’s wedding, enjoying a yoga class, or walking along the Great Wall of China, let’s empower and inspire one another to achieve victory over vasculitis.

A. Here’s what I’d like you do:

  1. Click on my picture (above left) to open a PDF copy.
  2. Print me on a letter-sized (8-1/2 x 11″) sheet of paper.
  3. Hold me while taking a photo of yourself living big: walking, traveling, exploring, enjoying a special moment.
  4. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #VFBob and #VFDreamBig

B. Then, bookmark this web page and follow along to see photos of our friends with VF Bob!

Remember! Please tag the foundation in your social post.
Instagram: @VasculitisFoundation | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vasculitisfoundation/

NEW VF Bob photo campaign – Inspiring Our Community & Honoring Bob Sahs

For nearly 20 years, Bob was a passionate advocate of vasculitis awareness, using his warm and friendly demeanor to connect with everyone he met, so that they could learn more about vasculitis. Bob came to the organization in support of his wife, Elaine, who was diagnosed with Wegener’s/GPA in 1999.

Bob was such an advocate for raising awareness that he typically carried a six foot banner on his world travels to China, Africa, and other exotic locations. To honor his spirit of awareness and outreach, the foundation has launched a new campaign, VF Bob, to encourage the vasculitis community to spread the word about our vasculitis, by showcasing how we continue to dream big and live with passion.

We want you to take a photo of yourself holding VF Bob  and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and your other social media channels.

1. Click the picture of VF Bob (top of page, left) and print it.
2. Hold while taking a photo of yourself living big – walking, traveling, exploring, enjoying a special moment.
3. Post your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #VFBob #VFDreamBig

Click on the video to learn more about Bob Sahs, the inspiration for VF Bob.