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VF Releases RFA for Study to Assess Disease Impact

The Vasculitis Foundation, the leading international supporter of research on vasculitis, is pleased to announce the release of a Request for Application (RFA) to fund the Vasculitis Research Initiative to Assess Disease Impact (V-RIDI) Study.

The RFA will provide up to $100,000 to support a one- or two-year study to stimulate research that addresses scientific questions related to the impact of vasculitis to patients, their families, and society. There are unmet needs to acquire accurate data to determine:

  • The epidemiology of vasculitis, including case incidence, prevalence, race, socio-demographic and geographic distribution.
  • The impact of vasculitis on ability, disability, individual and family income.
  • The costs of having or treating vasculitis from the viewpoint of any of the following: patient, family, employers, insurers, government, society.  Such costs include direct costs (health care: medicines, doctor visits, laboratory, imaging and other diagnostic tests) and indirect costs of disease (e.g. travel for health care, loss of income to family members who must modify work routines, housing modifications etc) not only on the individual and the family unit, but also the health care system and the national economy.
  • The impact of vasculitis on patients’ quality of life, family dynamics and maintenance of established relationships with significant others including spouses, children, parents, employers, employees and friends.

Click here to review the guidelines. For more information or to request an application or submit a letter of intent please contact Joyce A. Kullman, VF Executive Director.

Application deadline:  Friday, June 7, 2013. A single award will be provided by October 2013 to the most meritorious applicant.