VF RED Award: Fourth Annual Competition Recognizes Excellence in Diagnostics

Often, one of the greatest challenges a patient with vasculitis faces is receiving a definitive diagnosis. Patients often spend months or even years seeking a diagnosis or worse, living with a misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment.

The Vasculitis Foundation also recognizes that there are many health care professionals who have MADE the diagnosis of vasculitis, and we want to honor them for their efforts to care for our patients.

The idea for the award originated with VF Board Member, Karen Hirsch, whose son, Michael, was diagnosed with GPA/Wegener’s in 2011 by Dr. Juanita Mora, an allergist/immunologist at the Chicago Allergy Center. ”I followed my gut and ordered further testing,” says Dr. Mora. “The labs and CT Chest confirmed the diagnosis of GPA/Wegener’s. Michael received prompt treatment, and the early diagnosis was critical and lifesaving in the preservation of his healthy organs and getting him in remission.”

It was a combination of frustration at pediatric experts missing her son’s disease, and the desire to recognize and reward those doctors who do make an early diagnosis of vasculitis, which led Karen to propose the VF V-RED Award.

Hirsh developed the V-RED Award to recognize and reward those health care providers who made an early diagnosis of vasculitis in a patient. Each year the Vasculitis Foundation solicits patients in the vasculitis community to nominate a doctor who made an early call on their diagnosis.

We invite you to nominate your special health care provider for the 2018 V-RED Award. Click here to fill out the online nomination form.

The deadline is Tuesday, March 6, 2018. We will announce the winners during Vasculitis Awareness Month.