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VF 2018 Annual Appeal Invites Supporters to “Join Our Journey”

by Ed Becker, Director of Marketing and Communications

Last year when the Vasculitis Foundation asked the vasculitis community to “dream big” the response was powerful, positive, and personal.

Patients and caregivers from around the world shared their dreams about what they wanted to see that would bring hope, and real impact on their lives.

The campaign resonated so deeply with the vasculitis community, the Vasculitis Foundation decided to make it an ambitious road map for the future. Over the next three years the VF will focus on the three key areas of earlier diagnosis, better treatment, and quality of life.

Focus on Three Key Areas

“Through our surveys, conferences, and conversations with patients we realized these three areas have the most direct impact on patients and their families,” says Joyce Kullman, Executive Director of the Vasculitis Foundation.

“The collective dream is all about improving the overall quality of life for patients with vasculitis. Earlier diagnosis is critical to lessening the potential impact of the disease.

“Secondly, developing new and less invasive treatments and better medications, which could reduce the toll that current medications have on the body.

“Finally, while a cure is most desired, until that happens, we want to improve the quality of life. These are the three parts of the big dream.”

Our Journey Forward

Beth Westbrook, Director of Development, views these concepts as an integral part of the Vasculitis Foundation and each one will be showcased during the Annual Appeal Campaign over the next three years.

“The Campaign focuses on programs and services important to the vasculitis community,” Westbrook says. “We have established these three goals as milestones on what is essentially a patient’s journey.”

Last year the generosity during the annual appeal was unprecedented. “We are grateful not only for the financial support, but also the contributions of time, talents and dedication of our volunteers.”

Programs such as the Recognizing Early Diagnosis (V-RED), development of educational materials for medical professionals, and funding new studies such as Pathways to Diagnosis are all tangible examples of the Vasculitis Foundation’s early diagnosis initiative.