Listen to an exciting new VF audio podcast introducing you to medical specialists who are leading research and understanding of vasculitis. The podcasts are hosted by Ben Wilson, and Kaley Beins, two patients with vasculitis.

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Episode 1: Introducing the hosts of our new podcast series, Ben Wilson and Kaley Beins. Ben and Kaley share their unique experience as two young adults with vasculitis, and how they have met their challenges along the way.

Episode 2: Ben and Kaley talk with Joyce Kullman, Executive Director of the Vasculitis Foundation.

Introducing Dr. Rennie Rhee. 04:02
Choosing to be a rheumatologist. 06:05
What is the microbiome? 09:45
The microbiome and our immune system. 12:11
Researching the nasal microbiome. 17:32
The next big goal in research. 24:25
The blood vessel microbiome. 34:57

Episode 3: Ben and Kaley talk with Rennie Rhee, MD, about the microbiome.

Introducing Dr. Kaitlin Quinn. 01:25
Why Dr. Quinn became interested in studying vasculitis. 06:15
Dr. Quinn’s research into large vessel vasculitis. 10:00
The challenges of studying a complex disease like vasculitis. 13:55
Focusing on diagnostics using imagine in large vessel vasculitis. 15:33
The potential of PET Imaging 23:39
Incorporating PET Scans as an outcome measure in clinical trials. 26:57
Dr. Fauci and the beginning of the vasculitis research program at the NIH. 31:29

Episode 4: Ben and Kaley join Dr. Kaitlin Quinn, an NIH researcher and lead of the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital vasculitis clinic who also happens to be Kaley’s rheumatologist. Dr. Quinn describes how her interest in caring for patients with vasculitis began and explains her ongoing research on large-vessel vasculitis.

Episode 5, Part 1: In the first segment of this two-part episode of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley speak with Mark and Nancy Anderson, two medical professionals who met at Massachusetts General Hospital and have been personally affected by vasculitis. Dr. Anderson was one of two first place winners of the 2019 VF Recognizing Excellence in Diagnostics (V-RED) award, which recognized the active role he played in his wife Nancy’s diagnosis with MPA vasculitis. Mark and Nancy discuss the difficulty in getting the correct diagnosis and highlight ways in which our healthcare system could better serve patients.

Episode 5, Part 2: Self-Advocacy and Coping with Young Adults with Vasculitis. In the second segment of this two-part episode of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley join other young adults with vasculitis to discuss self-advocacy and best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests Brandon Hudgins, Allison Lint Ross, and Kate Tierney share their vasculitis stories and how they have taken back control of their lives and perspectives. They share their insights into initiatives like Victory Over Vasculitis and Violin for Vasculitis and emphasize the importance of mentoring newly diagnosed vasculitis patients. Tune in to hear how immunocompromised vasculitis patients are staying positive, despite the challenges and fears posed by the pandemic.

Episode 6: Medical Education and Vasculitis with Dr. Aamir Hussain. In the sixth episode of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley are joined by Dr. Aamir Hussain, a current resident in internal medicine at Hofstra University who will soon begin a dermatology residency at Georgetown University. Dr. Hussain, who received his Master of Public Policy degree and medical degree from the University of Chicago, explains how his interest in vasculitis started and how current changes to medical education, including the shift of the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1 to pass/fail, may affect how medical students learn about rare diseases. 

Special Episode: In this special episode of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley speak with well-known vasculitis researcher, Dr. Peter Grayson. A staple at VF events and symposiums, Dr. Grayson is the head of the Vasculitis Translational Research Program (VTRP) at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). Dr. Grayson discusses the VTRP team’s ongoing research, including a new cohort study on relapsing polychondritis (RP), a disease characterized by cartilage inflammation that presents similarly to GPA. He also gives Ben and Kaley a lesson in “PET scans 101” and discusses an upcoming research announcement that could be a real gamechanger.

Episode 7 Part I: Ben and Kaley speak with Dr. Julie McGregor and Dr. Will Pendergraft from the Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina (IMCNC). Both experts in autoimmune disease and vasculitis, Drs. McGregor and Pendergraft discuss their holistic view of health. Unlike more pharmaceutical-centric treatments, treatment plans at the IMCNC look beyond clinical measures of disease activity to patients’ understanding of their own health. Learn how Drs. McGregor and Pendergraft balance traditional clinical care and principles of behavioral health to care for the whole patient.

Episode 7 Part II: In the second segment of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries’ seventh episode, Ben and Kaley again host Dr. Pendergraft, this time with one of his patients, Brandon Hudgins. Brandon is an elite athlete and running coach with a background in kinesiology. He also has GPA vasculitis. After hearing Dr. Pendergraft’s talk at the 2019 Vasculitis Foundation Symposium, Brandon sought him out to discuss integrative treatment options.

Introduction and update from Dr. Matteson. 03:23
Studying medical history and what it teaches us today. 08:15
Naming a disease after its pathology; not after the person who discovered it. 02:34
Giant Cell Arteritis has another name in another country. 08:28
An interesting history lesson about MPA and GPA 25:36
How Behcet’s Disease got its name. 26:51
The origin story of informed consent law. 30:00
A brief history of Rituxan. 35:50
Retired from Mayo to work in New Zealand. 42:03
Differences between U.S. healthcare and in New Zealand. 43:06

Episode 8: Ben and Kaley are joined by Dr. Eric Matteson, professor emeritus of medicine and rheumatology at Mayo Clinic. In this episode, Dr. Matteson briefly discusses his current research on the implications of COVID-19 infection on autoimmune diseases with lung involvement. He then dives into the history of vasculitis and other rheumatological diseases and explains why naming diseases after pathologies, not people, is important to diagnosis and treatment.

New adventures ahead for Dr. Putman. 02:48
Starting up a new vasculitis center from scratch. 05:23
Focusing on Giant Cell Arteritis 10:48
Are med students interested in learning about vasculitis? 12:01
The nitty gritty on ACR Guidelines 09:42
Insurance considerations and classification criteria. 24:39
Small and big changes in the forthcoming ACR Guidelines 28:26
Dr. Putman’s podcast. 30:21
Twitter: The good, the bad, and the informative. 33:56
Finding balance in an unbalanced world. 38:16

Episode 9: In this episode, Dr. Putman discusses his ongoing research on tissue cell identification in giant cell arteritis (GCA) and the implications for early diagnosis, better understanding of disease mechanisms, and identification of disease subtypes. He also discusses the purpose of the soon-to-be-released ACR Guidelines and their role in improving and standardizing patient treatment.

Meet our podcast hosts

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson is a play-by-play sports broadcaster originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has called games on TV and radio for a variety of networks, such as Fox Sports Midwest, SEC Network+, and ESPN+, among others. Ben was diagnosed with EGPA (formerly Churg-Strauss Syndrome) in 2014, just before beginning his senior year at the University of Missouri. He started working with the Vasculitis Foundation in 2017 as a youth ambassador and currently helps with development of the VF’s Young Adult community.

Kaley Beins

Kaley Beins, MPH is a public health practitioner who studies chemical exposures and disease development. After being diagnosed with GPA vasculitis in May 2015, Kaley combined her interest in environmental health and advocacy with her desire to support other patients. She wrote her master’s thesis on ANCA-associated vasculitis. Since then, she has continued to support the Vasculitis Foundation’s mission and is especially interested in empowering patients. Currently a federal consultant, she conducts research and plans outreach for toxicology projects and initiatives. She has worked in four countries, but is happy to be back home in the D.C. area. In her spare time, Kaley writes theatre and opera reviews for an online publication and takes long walks with her husband Peter and their dog Vinnie.


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