Listen to an exciting new VF audio podcast introducing you to medical specialists who are leading research and understanding of vasculitis. The podcasts are hosted by Ben Wilson, and Kaley Beins, two patients with vasculitis.

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  • Episode 4: PET Scans and Imaging Technologies with Dr. Kaitlin Quinn April 3, 2020
    In the fourth episode of VF's Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley join Dr. Kaitlin Quinn, an NIH researcher and lead of the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital vasculitis clinic who also happens to be Kaley's rheumatologist. Dr. Quinn describes how her interest in caring for patients with vasculitis began and explains her ongoing research on large-vessel vasculitis. […]
  • Episode 3: Vasculitis and the Microbiome with Dr. Rennie Rhee March 20, 2020
    In the third episode of VF's Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley talk with Dr. Rennie Rhee, an assistant professor of medicine and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rhee explains the connection between research and the patient experience and delves into her cutting-edge work on the nasal microbiome in patients with vasculitis. Dr. Rhee […]
  • Episode 2: Joyce Kullman, Executive Director of the Vasculitis Foundation March 20, 2020
    In the second episode of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries, Ben and Kaley welcome Joyce Kullman, ED of the Vasculitis Foundation. Joyce discusses how her family’s emphasis on volunteering and her father’s vasculitis journey inspired her to get more involved with VF. She traces VF from its days of a few volunteers around a kitchen table to […]
  • Episode 1: Introductions! March 16, 2020
    In the first episode of VF’s Vasculitis Visionaries, co-hosts and vasculitis patients Ben Wilson (EGPA) and Kaley Beins (GPA) introduce themselves, their vasculitis journeys, and the motivation behind the podcast initiative. Hear about Ben’s career as a sports broadcaster and Kaley’s work in environmental health and disease development. Join them on their journey to blend […]

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Episode 1: Introducing the hosts of our new podcast series, Ben Wilson and Kaley Beins. Ben and Kaley share their unique experience as two young adults with vasculitis, and how they have met their challenges along the way.

Episode 2: Ben and Kaley talk with Joyce Kullman, Executive Director of the Vasculitis Foundation.

Episode 3: Ben and Kaley talk with Rennie Rhee, MD, about the microbiome.

Meet our podcast hosts

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson is a play-by-play sports broadcaster originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has called games on TV and radio for a variety of networks, such as Fox Sports Midwest, SEC Network+, and ESPN+, among others. Ben was diagnosed with EGPA (formerly Churg-Strauss Syndrome) in 2014, just before beginning his senior year at the University of Missouri. He started working with the Vasculitis Foundation in 2017 as a youth ambassador and currently helps with development of the VF’s Young Adult community.

Kaley Beins

Kaley Beins, MPH is a public health practitioner who studies chemical exposures and disease development. After being diagnosed with GPA vasculitis in May 2015, Kaley combined her interest in environmental health and advocacy with her desire to support other patients. She wrote her master’s thesis on ANCA-associated vasculitis. Since then, she has continued to support the Vasculitis Foundation’s mission and is especially interested in empowering patients. Currently a federal consultant, she conducts research and plans outreach for toxicology projects and initiatives. She has worked in four countries, but is happy to be back home in the D.C. area. In her spare time, Kaley writes theatre and opera reviews for an online publication and takes long walks with her husband Peter and their dog Vinnie.


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