No Longer Enrolling New Participants

We have been working with our research partners in the Autoimmune Research Collaborative to conduct a vasculitis and autoimmune COVID-19 patient-powered study.

This project is helping researchers, clinicians, and other patients better understand how people with vasculitis are dealing with COVID-19/the novel coronavirus. We are no longer enrolling new participants  but we will continue to report our findings as they become available.

Participation involved completing several short surveys over the course of the next few months. Once enrolled, participants are asked to complete follow-up surveys that we send to you every two weeks for the next 2 months and then again at 6 and 12 months.  Each survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. 

Learn More About the Project

During this time, the greatest minds around the world are responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic by rapidly launching vital research studies to manage the crisis.
There are several studies that have launched inviting patients with vasculitis and other autoimmune diseases to participate in research regarding the coronavirus.  This research project is different from the others in several ways.
  • Capturing the Whole Picture:

    • This project is a series of research surveys over time to help researchers and clinicians better understand coronavirus concerns of people with vasculitis and track respiratory illnesses across the United States and Canada. We will send a survey to you every two weeks for the next 2 months and then again at 6 and 12 months.
  • Patient Involvement:

    • Patients were involved in the design of the project and continue to serve on the project Steering Committee

Vasculitis COVID-19 Patient Project: Incredible Response to the Launch!

Thank You for Making Research Possible! Recruitment is Closed We have had an incredible response after the launch of our Vasculitis COVID-19 Patient Project! Thank you for choosing to contribute to this important research.  We are pleased to share current information we have collected to date. We will continue to share information including demographics, access [...]