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Vasculitis Night at the Harbourcats

Matt “Boomer” Zupanc is the P.A. announcer for the Victoria Harbourcats Baseball team on Vancouver Island, Canada. Matt, 21, was diagnosed with vasculitis as a toddler and over the past 20 years has faced many health challenges. Through all the tough times, the one constant thing has been his love playing baseball, first as a Victoria Mariner and then at Vancouver Island University. Last year, after an open lung biopsy, Matt realized he would not be able to play baseball and he became the team’s announcer; his attention to detail and enthusiasm for the game have made him a crowd favorite. Matt is now studying broadcasting at the College of Sports Media in Toronto.

Matt is famous in the Harbourcat community for a spectacular “face-plant” dive he took during a Dizzy Bat Contest in 2009. In August Matt organized Vasculitis Awareness Night during the Harbourcat’s last home game and hosted a redo of the famous bat contest. He filmed a “Rocky spoof” promoting the event and Matt and his mom, Barb Hastings, hosted an information table and the players collected donations from the crowd, raising almost $1,700 for the VF.