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Vasculitis Investigators Present Results of DCVAS Study Exploring EGPA/Churg-Strauss and GPA/Wegener’s Classification Criteria

l-r: Drs. Peter Grayson, Cristina Ponte, Peter Merkel, Richard Watts, Joanna Robson, and Ravi Suppiah

Investigators provided updates on the VF-funded Diagnostic and Classification Vasculitis (DCVAS) Study during the ACR Annual Meeting in November.

DCVAS is the largest study conducted in vasculitis to date with over 6,000 patients, and physicians and researchers from 133 sites in 33 countries participating in the research.

Speakers presented finalized updated classification criteria for GPA (Wegener’s), microscopic polyangiitis, and EGPA/Churg-Strauss Syndrome.

The updated classification criteria will improve the quality of future clinical trials and clinical research because patients with specific diseases will be able to be reliably grouped for studies.

DCVAS researchers are still working on developing classification criteria for other vasculitis conditions and will subsequently develop diagnostic criteria using similar methods.

DCVAS is sponsored by the University of Oxford and is funded by the Vasculitis Foundation, the American College of Rheumatology, and the European League against Rheumatism. DCVAS is supported in the United Kingdom by the NIHR Clinical Research Network.