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VF Video Earns Top Award

A Vasculitis Foundation (VF) video produced by a team of young adult patients with vasculitis recently earned an award as Best Short Video in the 2019 Nonprofit Connect Philly Awards. “Young Adults with Vasculitis Look to the Future,” is a montage of video clips put together by 12 young adults. The optimistic theme is that despite their serious challenges, young adults with vasculitis are pursuing life goals.

Joyce Kullman, executive director of the VF, said the goal was to produce a video created by young adults for young adult patients. “Each May, we produce an original video for Vasculitis Awareness Month. We thought, who better to connect with the young adults in our community than their peers? Outside of a few guidelines, we turned this video over to a group of creative young people,” said Kullman.

Ben Wilson, a 26-year-old sports broadcaster with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA) vasculitis, served as executive producer and post-production editor. To date, the video has more than 3,000 views on YouTube.

Appearing in the video: Kate Tierney, Brandon Hudgins, Matt Zupanc, Katrina Bargender, Lauren Becchetti, Sammy Snook, Sam Burke, Kaley Beins, Meaghan Carpenter, Mandy Livingston, Allison (Lint) Ross, and Ben Wilson.

Wilson and Ross will be joining several other VF members to accept the award at a special presentation in Kansas City on November 13.

Nonprofit Connect is a Kansas City association that serves more than 5,000 professional members from over 700 organizations representing local, regional, and national nonprofits , as well as community-minded businesses and foundations. Each year, they hold a competition called the Philly Awards to recognize outstanding resources such as videos, publications, and awareness campaigns produced by their member organizations.