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VF Celebrates Mission Milestone: Funds 50th Research Study

Recently, the Vasculitis Foundation (VF) reached an organizational milestone that secured its legacy as one of the world’s largest private funding sources for research covering the broad spectrum of the vasculitides.

With two new research grants issued in February 2019, the VF Research Program has now funded 50 research studies at a total cost of $2.3 million since the program started in 2002.

The VF Research Program funds $150,000 annually in new research through one- or two-year grants. Researchers in more than 10 countries have received VF grant funding. The grants allow researchers to obtain initial data that may be used to compete for larger grants from institutions such as the National Institutes of Health.

Applications submitted and reviewed

Once a year, the VF issues a call for research applications. Physicians and researchers on the VF Scientific Advisory Committee generously donate their time and expertise to evaluate the applications. Peter Grayson, MD, PhD, sits on the VF Research Committee along with Jason Springer, MD.

Dr. Grayson said the grant selection process involves looking at a diverse field of specialties. “We have funded studies in basic science, clinical and diagnostic science, etiology, laboratory and diagnostic findings, and treatment outcomes in vasculitis patients. From frontline genomic techniques to immunotherapy and biomarkers, we have maximized our opportunities to advance the field and, hopefully, lead to a cure,” he explained.

All of the studies selected for VF funding are chosen for their potential contribution to advancing research of vasculitis.

Campaign to celebrate the research study milestone

On May 1, as part of Vasculitis Awareness Month, the VF officially launched an education campaign to highlight each of the 50 research studies it has funded over the past 17 years. Continuing every day until June 19, the VF will post a meme and information about each of the studies on the Vasculitis Foundation’s social media sites.

“During Vasculitis Awareness Month, we have a global stage to raise awareness about the disease and our organization,” said Joyce Kullman, executive director of the VF. “We want to take advantage of this annual event to celebrate our accomplishment.”

The VF research awareness campaign will continue through the end of the year. The VF also plans to publish a new 2019 Research Impact Report, as well as a future special webinar that will focus on the VF Research Program.

By Ed Becker
Director of Marketing & Communications