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Vasculitis Dream Big Now A Year-Long Campaign

by Ed Becker, Director of Marketing and Communications


This year it was only fitting the Vasculitis Foundation decided to “go big” to raise awareness. Combining the successful Dream Big campaign with Vasculitis Awareness Month (VAM2018), the central theme focused on three key areas: early diagnosis; better less evasive treatments; and ultimately a cure for the disease.

However, simply having a message isn’t enough. Creating a message that resonates with people and makes them want to share it is equally critical.

“Raising awareness is a partnership with patients, their families, and the medical community,” said Joyce Kullman, Executive Director of the Vasculitis Foundation. “In addition to our traditional awareness activities, we decided to think outside the box to offer the best resources that would appeal to the widest audience. Based on initial feedback I think we met and even surpassed that goal.”

While Vasculitis Awareness Month featured many of the familiar things such as a new awareness tee shirt, the Vasculitis Foundation also adopted some of the social media trends and technologies to spread the messages.

Raising Awareness with Social Media Artwork and Memes

More than 1,200 people have swapped out their Facebook, and Twitter profiles with Vasculitis Awareness Month 2018 inspired artwork created by the Vasculitis Foundation. Moreover, the Vasculitis Foundation created a dozen new awareness month memes that can be circulated online. These memes (graphics) depict the impact of vasculitis in humorous and compelling images.