Awareness Toolkit

You will find everything you need here to help get you started to raise awareness this May.  This includes everything from educational brochures you can share with your community, to tools for Facebook and Twitter.

 Vasculitis Awareness Month Poster

Download the official VF Vasculitis Awareness Month poster and distribute it throughout your communication channels.

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Download the Vasculitis Foundation Awareness Poster






Facebook and Social Media

Follow the Vasculitis Foundation throughout the month on Facebook & Twitter for materials throughout Vasculitis Awareness Month. Here are some sample posts and images to use to get you started:

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Sample Facebook Post:

May is Vasculitis Awareness Month

May is a special month for me.  As a patient with vasculitis I am raising awareness about this disease and how it has impacted my life.  It’s a rare, autoimmune disease that affects small, mid-sized, and large arteries causing potential life-threatening consequences if it’s not diagnosed and treated early.

I invite you to learn more about vasculitis and the role of the Vasculitis Foundation in funding research,
and supporting patients with this illness.

May Vasculitis Awareness Webpage: http://www.vasculitisfoundation.org/awareness/celebrate-2016-vasculitis-awareness-month/

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Vasculitis Fact Sheet

Use this easily-printable fact sheet to educate your co-workers, friends and family members about vasculitis and the impact it has on patients.

Vasculitis Brochure