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Vasculitis Awareness Month – May 1 – 31, 2012

Vasculitis  Awareness Month is an international effort organized by the Vasculitis Foundation to advance public awareness of this rare disease, as well as the progress in treatments and advances in research.

Watch amazing videos of patients and family members sharing their experiences living with vasculitis.

Helping Extraordinary People Live Extraordinary Lives

The VF celebrates Vasculitis Awareness Month May 1-31, 2012. We encourage you to participate in at least one of our activities or plan your own activity!
5 Weeks of 5 Ideas to do in 5 (or so) Minutes!
NEW THIS YEAR! Watch and share our 2012 Vasculitis Awareness Video! The new video features our patients, family members and health care professionals talking about the impact vasculitis has on their lives. Please watch and share the video with everyone you know.
Distribute Vasculitis Awareness Posters and VF Literature
Download a 2012 Vasculitis Awareness Month poster from this website and distribute via social media and email to your family, friends and co-workers. (Download poster below.)
Andrea Pittini, VF member, is spearheading awareness efforts in his home country of Italy and has translated the awareness poster to Italian. The poster can also be downloaded below.
Help raise understanding of vasculitis by distributing the VF’s general brochure and individual disease brochures in your local community.
Living Vasculitis Extraordinarily 
You are invited to submit a fun, uplifting beautiful candid photo from a day during May when you are doing something ordinary or extraordinary! Please provide three upbeat inspirational sentences about all the “living” that goes along with having vasculitis. The pictures and stories will be posted to the VF website and social media. Submit your story via email to VF Awareness  or by mail to the Vasculitis Foundation, PO Box 28660, Kansas City, MO 64188-8660.
Daily Profiles
In 100 words or less, please answer the following question: What does living with vasculitis mean for you? Responses will be shared on this website and on social media and in the newsletter. We want to hear from everyone – patients, family members, friends, caregivers, health care professionals. Please email your profiles to VF Awareness.
Share your Story
Contact your local newspaper, TV and radio stations and ask to be interviewed in a personal interest story. You can also send a press release about Vasculitis Awareness Month to the media and ask them to do a story about vasculitis. The VF can provide background information on vasculitis and the VF. (Download the press release below and edit as needed to include your story.)
Send a letter to your U.S. congressional reps asking them to support more government funding of vasculitis research at the National Institutes of Health. Please visit your Congressional reps when they are visiting  their home districts or if you visit Washington, D.C.
Click here to find your representative in the US House of Representatives.
Click here to find your senator in the US Senate.