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Trey’s Story

My name is Trey. In June 2009 after fighting it for a year and a half with little to no change in the status of the nodules (still eight to ten) I knew that I was not in a healthy state since I was now carrying around an extra 100 pounds and the foods that I was eating were not healthy choices either. I discovered a program that my wife and I started to help us create healthy habits and change our lives. I dropped 105 pounds in eight months and my wife dropped 187 pounds in 15 months. We can confidently say that we have learned the things that will contribute to more productive years in our future.

As of my last CT scan in June 2011, I am now down to four nodules and those that remain are continuing to decrease in size. I call them my “hitchhikers” because at this point they are not causing me any issues or health concerns.

My future is brighter today than if I had not taken control of my eating, exercise, sleep, stress management, and nutritional supplementation; all of which are the health habits that I now demonstrate on a daily basis to my clients who are creating health.

Published: May 2012

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