Dr. Robert Torrano Named V-RED Award Winner

The Vasculitis Foundation has chosen Dr. Robert Torrano, Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California, as the inaugural recipient of the Recognizing Excellence in Diagnostics (RED) Award. Dr. Torrano was nominated by two of his vasculitis patients: Susan McGourty, a resident of Paso Robles, and Suzanne DePaolis, a resident of…...

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Ilya Peckerman Research Fund

The Ilya Peckerman Fund was created in 2010, in honor of Ilya Peckerman.  The focus of our fundraising is awareness and education. Early detection and diagnosis of vasculitis is a key for prolonging and, ideally saving, a patient’s life. With education and early diagnosis in mind, the Peckerman family, in…...

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Candace’s Story

My name is Candace Ross.  I was initially a member of the WG Support Group since 1988, which then became the Wegener’s Granulomatosis Association, and then the Vasculitis Foundation. I currently have three Facebook pages.  One is called “Working with Vasculitis” (a page for those of us who deal with…...

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