Knowledge Becomes Power

“I feel so alone.”  This statement is heard from so many after a medical diagnosis of any kind, but certainly felt after a diagnosis of a rare disease like vasculitis.  This article will focus on the patient who feels alone after receiving this type of diagnosis because in the case…...

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Focus On What You Can Do

Three years ago this fall, I took a position coaching a high school golf team that has provided me great pleasure to this day.  I agreed to the position because I love golf, I love working with kids, and I knew that my own child would be joining the team…...

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Hope Gives Us Power to Choose our Outcome

If there was ever a time to practice what I preach, these past six months have become that time.  I am a psychologist who for the past 20 years has specialized in clinical and sport psychology.  I have worked with individuals, families, athletes and teams on overcoming adversities in their…...

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