The vasculitis community is comprised of patients, families, health care professionals and researchers. The Vasculitis Foundation strives to connect our community to share knowledge, experiences and to offer encouragement to each other.

The VF Medical Consultants are recognized authorities in the medical community and provide excellent patient care and perform critical research. In addition, the consultants educate other health care professionals and the public about vasculitis. The VF is committed to encouraging more physicians/investigators to the field of vasculitis.

Our patients and families also shared their experiences through our Vasculitis Stories Project. This year we asked “What does living with vasculitis mean to you?” The responses were thoughtful and wide-ranging, proving that vasculitis impacts everyone in its own way. We have also archived stories from previous years.

Through our chapters and support groups we offer our members the opportunity to meet in-person to learn about vasculitis and share their stories.