Extraordinary Patients

Jake Kula – Athlete With Vasculitis Considering Career in Medical Research

With May signifying Vasculitis Awareness Month, it is as great a time as any to look at those in our community who are making a difference in raising awareness about vasculitis. In this young adult patient profile, I had the pleasure of meeting a bright college student well on his…...

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Suzanne DePaolis – To the Friends Who Offer ‘Cures’ for My Chronic Illness

Sometimes, a simple chat with my friends and family can turn into a conversation about me defending my health choices. People will insist on telling me ways to boost my immune system....

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Marianne Vennitti – Former Fitness Professional Diagnosed with Cryoglobulinemia Now in Remission

In 1998, Marianne Vennitti, a Cherry Hill, New Jersey wife, mother, and fitness professional, suddenly started experiencing a rash of unusual symptoms—chronic fatigue, body pain, and even mental confusion. When she sought medical help, doctors considered a wide variety of possibilities including fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Unfortunately, none of the…...

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