Giant Cell Arteritis (Temporal Arteritis)

Many Outstanding Questions Still Exist for Vasculitis Patients: The Massachusetts General Hospital Rheumatology Vasculitis Program Hopes to Find Some of the Answers

Vasculitis tends to present in a systemic manner, often affecting multiple organ systems. Clinicians should consider a broad differential (possible conditions that share the same symptoms) and think about the entire person—not just at the time of diagnosis but throughout their life as they face periods of remission and relapse.…...

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New Vasculitis Program Opens at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Until now there were no vasculitis centers in Wisconsin. Many vasculitis patients there had to travel long distances to places such as Chicago, Illinois, or to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to find a specialist with a focus on vasculitis research and clinical care in their practice. To address…...

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