Behcet’s Syndrome

Positive Outlook Keeps Her Afloat in Journey with Behcet’s Disease

If Sarah Hewawitharana could be any other creature on this planet, there’s no question what it would be. The name she chose for her email address says it all: [email protected] “I like it because it reminds me not to take life too seriously. I’ve always been obsessed with the water,…...

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Behcet’s Extraordinary Patient Videos

VF Extraordinary Patient Stories are a series of patient video interviews. Their stories will educate and inspire you....

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Eileen Radziunas – Author Chronicles Search for Answers in New Book “Prognosis for Misdiagnosis”

The reason why Eileen Radziunas wrote a book about her struggle with Behcet’s is almost as powerful as her story itself. Initially she simply wanted to keep notes about her condition because she didn’t know if she would survive the disease. “I started out with no intention of writing a…...

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