Create Your Own Fundraising Event

Want to make an even bigger difference in the vasculitis community? Create your own fundraising event! Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary or hosting an event in honor of a patient, fundraising is an impactful and fun way to provide invaluable support to the thousands of people we serve.

Contact us if you wish to host a fundraiser.

1. Sign up to organize
an event

Start by submitting your general information so we can talk and get your online event page created.

You’ll have access to a VF staff member to serve as your main resource for fundraising. Ask us questions, customize your page, and gather your resources!

2. Promote, Recruit, and Fundraise!

Get the word out on social media, send out emails far and wide, shout from the rooftops and plaster the city with your custom VF materials!

Share your passion for the cause and fundraising goal. Inspire others to donate and be a part of our mission.

3. Host your event and make an impact for men, women and children living with vasculitis

Talk with your VF staff member to brainstorm, prep for your fundraiser, and make the day stress-free.

Take a deep breath and be proud of all you’ve raised for the vasculitis community! The more money we raise, the more research, educational materials and support becomes possible.

Types of Fundraisers

Which kind of fundraiser will you start?


Celebrate a special occasion by making a lasting difference. From birthdays to weddings, partnerships and anniversaries, mark a celebration with donations instead of presents and be confident that your special day will support people living with vasculitis.

You can also give a gift on behalf of someone’s celebration – a great alternative to a traditional present. Let us know the details of the recipient and we’ll send them a message to let them know how the donation made in their name will help with the mission of the Vasculitis Foundation.

Honors and Memorials

Light a Candle in Honor or Memory – You can create a page in honor or memory of a loved one with vasculitis. Friends, family, neighbors and colleagues may donate in remembrance and leave a message. Be sure to include contact information if the VF needs to inform someone of the gifts. Please be aware that submissions are reviewed before being posted. Your candle will usually appear within a few hours.

DIY Events

Run a 5K, plan a neighborhood bake sale, or host an all-night video game battle — there is a fundraiser that’s all you. You can hold your fundraiser whenever, wherever you want. You’ll have your own online page to collect donations. Plus, it’s super easy to get started.

If you are interested in fundraising, please reach out to us.