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Recommended Book: The Heart in Rheumatic, Autoimmune, and Inflammatory Diseases Pathophysiology, Clinical Aspects and Therapeutic Approaches

Edited by: Udi Nussinovitch, MD PhD
Rambam Health Care Campus, affiliated with the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel
ISBN: 978-0-12-803267-1
Feb 28, 2017 | $180.00 | Hardback | 766 pp
Publisher: www.elsevier.com

Autoimmune rheumatic diseases can affect the coronary vessels, myocardium, pericardium, heart valves and the conduction system.

The diagnosis of these unique cardiac complications necessitates medical awareness and a high index of suspicion. The book aims at providing the readers with a state-of-the-art collection of up-todate information regarding clinically important topics based on experts’ perspectives.

This book is the result of an extended coordinated collaboration of 154 distinguished scientists from 31 countries around the globe.

Key Features

• A review of common as well as unusual (yet clinically significant) medical cardiac complications of prevalent rheumatic, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

• Focuses on aspects of pathophysiological processes, clinical presentations, screening tests, prognostic implications and novel therapeutic approaches.

• Presents an up-to-date “level of evidence” and “strengths of recommendations” for suggested therapies and reviews all randomized clinical trials, meta-analyses and other supporting published clinical findings.