The following articles were provided by patients and parents/guardians to offer guidance to our community. Please email the Vasculitis Foundation office to submit an article or if you have a topic you would like to see discussed.

My Doctor Just Told Me I’m Sick

April 2013 By Becca Essig My doctor just told me I’m sick. We’re never really prepared to hear that we have a life-threatening illness, and we all typically react in our own unique way. After finding out that you’re sick, you might feel a wind range of emotions like being: Scared Confused Sad Angry Concerned more »

Managing Health Appointments and Insurance

February 2013 Managing Health Insurance Manage your healthcare appointments/history/records. This website has an excellent set of checklists and forms. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Access a question builder to help you prepare for your next doctor’s appointment. Insurance Know your own plan Services covered Participating healthcare providers and locations covered. In network versus more »

Germ Protection 101

April 2013 As you and your family work diligently to help protect your immune suppressed child from getting sick due to the spread of germs, it can seem to be an almost overwhelming task. It is not hard to admit that through our love for our child, germ protection becomes an obsession. Everywhere you look more »

When Your Child is Hospitalized You Need a Spokesperson

February 2013 In today’s society many families do not live in the same town in which they were raised and many live far away from any loved ones. In the first moments of the vasculitis illness becoming an unwelcome addition to your family, the actual miles away from a close relative become glaringly apparent. The more »

A College Education: A Parent’s Perspective

What Parents Can do Visit the disabilities office of prospective colleges with your student. Tell them about your child’s illness. This is a touchy subject, but you need to “declare” your illness. Almost ALL students and parents have NO idea that they can be accommodated in some way by using their college’s Office of Disability more »