Peach Perfect Hayley Peach Hills 5.2014Peach’s Perfect Day Fundraiser Blood Drive
By Rob and Marla Hill
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Celebrate Hayley “Peach” Hills by giving blood between now and her 21st birthday in October.

Peach was diagnosed with GPA/Wegener’s in 2012. In her case this has involved micro bleeding in her lungs and impaired upper respiratory. It has been a tough two years with no remission. From the day she was diagnosed with this incurable, yet treatable, disease, she has wanted to focus her life on helping others. Peach turns 21 on October 18 and we want her 21st birthday to be a memorable “Peach Perfect Day”. Peach receives monthly infusions of IVIG which uses over 1,000 blood donations per batch of IVIG. Only the plasma is used in order to get the immunoglobulin.

We are asking friends and family to help replenish this blood reserve and help not only Peach, but others in your community who receive similar treatments. Giving blood is very easy to do by visiting your local Red Cross office

Our goal is to have friends and family give 21 pints of blood between now and Peaches’ birthday in October. Our dream is that the blood drive catches on and Hayley inspires total strangers to give and we get 2,100 pints of blood donated. 

If you participate in the blood drive – whether you are a new donor or regular donor, please list on our Facebook page your name and city. We would like Peach to see the lives she has touched and where you are from. If you have a story, please share your story with us. If you do not use Facebook, and participate in the blood drive, please send us an email to let us know.

One day we would like people to respond to a crisis by saying, “I gave blood today to make a difference because of you, and our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are stepping up and will become a donor because Peach is an inspiration in our lives.”

The blood drive is simple and free or a no-fund fundraiser. Help us meet our goal and invite your friends and family to participate. If you are really inspired, there are ways to organize blood drives through the Red Cross as well. Be a Hayley’s Hero.

If you cannot give blood due to disease or medications, please make a $21 dollar donation (in honor of her upcoming birthday) to the Vasculitis Foundation.   Please reference Peach’s Perfect Day.

Thank you for your support.