Organizing and tracking your medications, symptoms, vital medical statistics is a huge challenge for every patient with vasculitis. Now, that process has become much easier thanks to the VF Health Tracker. In this webinar, you’ll meet the creator of this journal, Suzanne DePaolis. She gives a tour of the health tracker explaining each section of the journal, and showing how each patient can customize it for themselves.

The VF’s Health Journal Binder provides a helpful tool for patients to track their symptoms. The binder includes tracking sheets for:

AM/PM Insulin Shot Record
Asthma Peak Flow Chart
Blood Coagulation Records Tracker
Blood Glucose Testing Record
Blood Pressure Readings
Blood Pressure Tracking Chart
Blood Sugar Tracker
Body Pain Indicator Chart
Bowel Movement Tracker
Cholesterol Levels Tracker Chart
Dental Work Record
Doctor Appointment Log
Doctor Comparison Worksheet
Doctor Visit Preparation Form
Exercise Log
Family Medical History
Fever Diary
Lab, X-Ray & Special Procedure Results Record
Medical Appointment Log
Medical Bills and Other Expenses Tracker
Medical History

Medication Dosing Schedule
Medication List
Medication Refill Log
Monthly Headache Log
My Allergies
Oximeter Reading Log
Pain Tracker
Physical Therapy Log
Pill Identification Chart
Questions About My Treatment
Seizure Action Plan
Seizure Record
Sleep Diary
Surgical History Record
Symptom Log
Visual Pill Chart
Vitamin and Supplement Log
Weekly Arthritis Tracker
Wound or Injury Care Tracker Chart